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Invite members from your community

Invite other members to be part of Tisk-Task in just a few seconds. Adding new users is as simple as filling out their name and email information.

Tailor tasks to your needs

This is your Tisk-Task. Customize tasks to fit the needs of your community, be it "Cook Dinner," "Put together party invitee list," "Paint walls" or anything else.

Track the progress of all tasks

Quickly check which tasks have been completed. Save time by seeing the status of all tasks for the week at once.

Keep track of how many hours each member completed

In many communities, each member needs to complete a certain number of hours of work. Tisk-Task makes this easy by tracking completed and remaining hours for each member. Tisk-Task can even use this information to automatically schedule tasks.

Assign members to tasks

Auto-complete makes it faster to assign a member to a task. Want to add more members to the same task? Just as easy: just add several names when editing the task.

We send reminders so you don't have to

We know how painful it can be to constantly remind others about their commitments. That's why Tisk-Task send reminders directly to each member's inbox. Not only that, members can quickly confirm, with a single click, whether they have completed their tasks.

Constantly adding new features

Our team works hard to make a valuable product for communities. We are always interested in hearing your feedback about which features should be added to Tisk-Task. Just shoot us an e-mail at We would love to hear from you.